Cherry Bowl with Pewa by Gordon Tang 4″H x 7.5″D $295


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Cherry Bowl with Pewa by Gordon Tang 4″H x 7.5″D $295

Gordon Tang


Gordon Tang’s traditional Hawaiian shapes are widely appreciated by collectors of Hawaiiana both for functional and decorative purposes. A number of people collect his bowls for poi supper, luckies!



The Cherry tree is shade intolerant and is typically found on the outskirts of most forests. It tends to average 1 to 2 feet in diameter- However we have had and seen Cherry logs up to 4 feet in diameter.

Cherry is known as being one of the best all-around woods for workability. It is stable, straight-grained, and machines well.

Natural cherry wood is perhaps the most prized furniture hardwood in America. Easily the most popular seller, cherry is a smooth-grained, reddish-brown hardwood that comes from the American Black Cherry fruit tree.

Cherry is renowned among woodworkers and furniture aficionados for its color and aging process. It starts out a light pink and darkens over time to a rich reddish hue with a lustrous patina.

Odor: Has a mild, distinctive scent when being worked.

Cherry is used for cabinetry, fine furniture, flooring, interior millwork, veneer, turned objects, and small specialty wood items.


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Cherry Bowl with Pewa by Gordon Tang 4″H x 7.5″D $295

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