Camphor tray Rauyl Nakayama Kaua’i grown Camphor Tray with Kokua of Bob Hamada 33.5″L x 18″W x 3.25″H


Rauyl Nakayama flower dishes, hand made in Hawaii. Great for rings, ice cream, namasu, and a million things. They can also be hung on a wall in the time it takes to hammer in a small nail!

We can ship multiple dishes more affordably than the automatic freight calculator will allow, so please email us the address and what you would like sent, and we’ll send you a shipping estimate.  Our email is noheagallery808 at gmail dot come.  Mahalo~

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Camphor tray by Rauyl Nakayama

Rauyl Nakayama Kaua’i grown Camphor Tray with kokua of Bob Hamada 33.5″L x 18″W x 3.25″H

Artists Rauyl Nakayama and Cindy Conklin at our 15th anniversary  party at Ward Warehouse. That’s Nalani Keale’s dancer in the background looking gorgeous.  And is Nalani playing? Can’t see. Could be. His folks anyway! He played that day. It was so beautiful ❤️

About the Artist

Rauyl was born and raised in Hawai’i. He served our country in the Vietnam War, and holding a Dan ranking (black belt) in Aikido. He’s a lot of fun and always learning and growing.

Ceramics (retired!)

Rauyl refined and perfected a classic from our grandparents’ era with beautiful hand glazed, food safe, flower dishes. They were individually made in Hawaii. The amount of time and care that went into these small dishes remains  amazing.

Rauyl made these dishes one firing at a time, one dish at a time, in a classic Hawaii building across the street from the Blaisdell park on one side and the Neil Blaisedell symphony hall on the other side.

He worked in a small office for too many years to remember.  His flower dishes  were great favorites of local people to give as gifts, visitors to take home and treasure, and all of us.   No kidding he must have made a hundred thousand of them but that’s an educated guess.   Every couple of weeks he would come in and count each design, go back to work and make them and glaze them BY HAND, fire them in his kiln, then drive them to us all over town. And they sold for under 20$! (Till the end, and mostly even then).

If you have one or more of his flower dishes, count yourself lucky!  Did you know you can hang them on a wall and take them down when you want to use it? Well you can ❤️🤙🏼🌸

With the reduced availability of clay last year as a wholesaler closed, and increased lease rent, Rauyl made a bold decision to do the unthinkable and close his ceramic studio.

Now Rauyl has decided to turn his creative  hand and  eye* to woodwork, which he has done for the fun and satisfaction of it over the years. He has created a unique line of black kiawe and Lychee wood clocks. He has also made one or two extra special things over the years including this extraordinary Kaua’i grown camphor tray made with the help of his good friend, local treasure Bob Hamada.


The Camphor tree is a medium-sized to large introduced ornamental evergreen tree with dense rounded crown of three-veined shiny dark green leaves and distinctive odor of camphor in crushed foliage.  It grows up to 80 ft (24 m) high and 3 ft (0.9 m) in trunk diameter. The bark gray, smoothish is becoming thick, rough, and furrowed. The inner bark is pinkish and spicy bitter. The twigs  are slender, greenish and hairless. The end buds of the camphor are enlarged, elliptical, pointed and about 1⁄4 inch (6 mm) long, brownish, they are composed of many rounded overlapping scales which form rings of scars on twigs upon shedding.

The color can be highly variable depending on species and growing conditions; generally a light brown, frequently with shades of gray, red, or olive green. Occasionally contains darker streaks. Paler sapwood isn’t always clearly differentiated from the heartwood. Burls are also commonly seen, and are considered highly decorative.

The dimensions listed in the ‘additional information’ table includes packing for shipment.


Rauyl Nakayama Big Island Camphor Tray made with kokua of friend Bob Hamada 33.5″L x 18″W x 3.25″H


* both hands and both eyes, thanks

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Weight 46.2 lbs
Dimensions 39.5 × 24 × 9.25 in


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