Mark Norseth

It’s a lucky student of art who finds a space in one of Mark Norseth’s classes. The lucky student will be struck by Mark’s deep knowledge and scholarly approach to composition and color. He carries a sketchbook wherever he goes, and encouraged us to do so as well. His leather sketchbook cover was a worn and lustrous thing of beauty and function, as a well-worn saddle of a great cowboy. His easel, (French), his pallette, his pastels and oils all were thoughtfully chosen and beautiful in themselves.

Mark Norseth is an artist and a craftsman, taking the time to custom make a frame for each painting that he shares. The mortise and tenon joints on each corner of his frames, built with his own hands to last for generations, the French linen canvas, the thoughtful compositions, all speak of a quality that is an anachronistic and absolute joy to witness, and, we hope, to own.

When you see Mark around town, you’ll find that sketchbook within arm’s reach for the moment that something interesting emerges in his view. In a quiet moment, if you ask him, he may share what he’s come across lately, and what’s visually interesting about it.

I’d encourage anyone interested in painting to take his classes if you can find a space available. It’s a rare opportunity to learn about his studied but fluid approach to color and composition, with life lessons on frustration, high standards, and hope on the side. At the very least, you’ll better appreciate a really good painting.

It is a privilege to share his work with you.

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Honolulu, Hawaii (808) 596-0074