Dellera Boxes

Koa boxes by Dellera Woodworks have been part of our Nohea Gallery family since we opened in 1990. Know as Dellera boxes, they set a standard for beauty, durability, fine craftsmanship and value for 47 years.

Dellera Woodworks was originally a team effort by  Ricardo Dellera with his wife Judy.  While I was still working at the Artist Guild, we became friends in 1980.  When we opened Nohea Gallery in 1990, we continued working in partnership with the Delleras.  When Rick decided he wanted to retire, Dellera Woodworks  carried on with the same high standards of excellence for many years under the guidance and with the hard work of our friend and colleague Charles Dominguez.

It is with sadness and gratitude that we must share that Dellera Woodworks will be calling it an era in June 2018 or sooner.

No more Dellera boxes are being made at this time.

To avoid dissapointment when work sells in the shop and is no longer available, if you’d like something you see here, please call the shop at eight oh eight-596-0074 to discuss remaining work on hand.  The quantities on hand in the collection below are the last that we have; they are available for sale in we can update here. Since they are available in the  store and online, the nature of that process is that they will be sold before we can update here.  Thank you for your understanding and for calling before you make an online purchase.

Here’s to forty-seven years of outstanding local woodwork.  Mahalo Charles; we know Rick would have been really proud of the work you made!

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