John Berthiaume Koa boxes

John Berthiaume koa boxes

John is a member of the Honolulu Woodturners and also makes functional kitchen tools and koa boxes, as well as handcrafted things for home and work. For example, he made the one and only Koa fishing gaff we’ve ever seen.

John collected the wood that he builds with over the course of his long career as a doctor. Though some organizations say they only make things from fallen trees, that can be a little ambiguous, as if you think about it, how could you make anything from a living tree?  But in John’s case, he is not buying wood to build things.  That is very good news for the person considering his work, as he is pricing materials based on what he paid for them in the past, not the current market value.  With the price of Koa now through the roof, this means you get a really good price as well as fine quality.

John is now retired and enjoys spending time in the woodshop in Honolulu,  as well as with his beautiful family, among many other interests.

John’s boxes, bowls, lamps and tools are made with a fine design sense and are built to last lifetimes.


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Honolulu, Hawaii (808) 596-0074