Muse IX Designs by Lynda Caris

Lynda Caris is a Honolulu-based designer who makes each one of a kind earring and necklace by hand with fine jewelry quality pearls, gems and 14kt gold filled wire. That is different that gold plated jewelry in that it is a fine jewelry making material in which the ear wires and embellishing wire are permanently bonded with 14kt gold. Her design sense is exquisite; they look very valuable, but she prices her work so that regular people can afford to enjoy them and give them. As a result, her work has a list of people who want to get a note when new work is ready. We’ve never posted them online because it wasn’t possible to keep up with demand.
So now, the online community can have all of them.

Mahalo dear Lynda for all the beauties to share!

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Honolulu, Hawaii (808) 596-0074